Our grooming services

At Hair of the dog we have a  range of grooming options available, including nail clipping, flea and tick treatment, anal glands emptying or a full bath, dry and perfume so that your dogs will not only feel fresh they will smell fresh too. 

We provide special grooming services for puppies of 3-6 months. nervous and elderly dogs are also welcome. Special arangments can be made for assistance dogs, please call for more information.


  • Bath brush and dry with a spritz of cologne from £18 depending on breed
  • Puppy package 3-6 months, bath, coat brushed, gentle drying, eyes and ears cleaned, paw tidy and nail clip. £20
  • Nail clipping £3 per dog 
  • Anal glands emptied £5
  • *The following upgrades can be added to any full groom/bath and blowdry.
  • Southbark Blueberry facial £5* 
  • Flea and tick treatment £6 lasts 4-6 weeks*
  • DeShedding treatment £5* 

Full Groom

A full groom includes all clipping or groom out, bathing and gentle drying, ears cleaning & stripping if required, eyes cleaning, nails and paws trimming, hygene trim. You will be informed of the full exact price when you leave your dog with us for grooming, no hidden extras and no extra charges for the odd matt here or there guaranteed!

  • Small / medium breed westie ,yorkie or border terriers  £30 - £35
  • medium breed / cocker spaniel, springer spaniel  £32 - £35
  • Large breed/ Border collie, Golden retriever,  £35 - £45
  • Sorry no Giant breeds, poodles or Bichon Frise. (these breeds are specialist)