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  1. How do you cope when the weather is dreadful and you just want to stay home by the fire?

    Your fury companion probably has other ideas and still needs exercise and interaction with other dogs too. Did you know that dogs can suffer from depression just like us?


    Here are 6 tips to help you to cope, read on…..

    1. 1.   If your dog will allow it, a coat can significantly cut down on how wet your dog gets when out and about. A dog coat with velcro fastenings and leg straps is a good choice for a snug fit. Some dog coats are a 2 in 1 and have a removable inner part, this makes washing and drying them easier too.


    1. 2.   Waterproofs are great for keeping the wind out as well as the rain. It’s useful to keep them in the car so they are at the ready when you need them. A coat with a good fitting hood is far better than trying to contend with an umbrella in high winds.


    1. 3.   Stick to the park rather than walking near busy main roads where you and your dog may get splashed from traffic. You are going to have to dry your dog off anyway so a bit of extra mud won’t make a lot of difference. I like to walk where there are paths to make it a little easier. Local spots include Conqueror woods, Cockington and the grounds of Oldway mansion.  


    1. 4.   If you are traveling by car pack an essentials kit. This could include an old towel ‘Microfiber’ are the easiest to launder afterwards and are super absorbent. Paw wipes are handy to have and even some quick drying spray to help reduce the wet dog smell. A top tip is to use bath mats in the car boot, these can easily be thrown into the washing machine and dry quicker than carpet.


    1. 5.   If it’s not too windy or the tide is low a walk on the beach can be most exhilarating. Bring your pooch home smelling fresh and clean like the sea breeze.


    1. 6.   A very good tip is to keep your dog’s coat knot and mat free, so that it dries faster when it does get wet. Keep the fur trimmed neatly especially on the underside of the paws. A paw with lots of fur can hold a lot of mud and water, just like a sponge.


    1. 7.   MOST important is a hot cuppa when you get back home, Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate or try a hot Vimto, in a mug of course, not a glass 😊


    Lastly, remember

    Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain!